Time to Namaslay.

Reviews from you

Loved the sculpt class! I was so impressed with Clarissa’s routine and stamina. The amazing playlist is also a plus. Get ready to sweat it out and have fun!

Natasha H.

You just have to commit that you will be really really fucking exhausted and sweaty, but then you will get endorphins and your legs will start to show definition and you'll be like WHAAAAT

Caitlin P.

Today’s class was sooo good!! I feel amazing. Every time I do a class I’m like damn this is the best one yet and then they continue 😂 honestly appreciate your time and all the work you put into this! I know I keep thanking you haha but honestly its been a positive change in my life and couldn’t be more grateful!!

Karishma L.

You have the best playlists!!!! Combined with your upbeat energy and fun flows, PERFECT STORM!!

Steve Y.

Seriously my butt is on fire, in the best way possible.

Jane L.

I'm almost 60 yrs. old and love taking these classes! I feel younger after your workouts! I can't thank you enough for that! Hey, you young people, if I can do this, you certainly can!

Janet D.

Fire again thank you! Also it is ever a real Clarissa workout if it doesn't end with a smooth Drake instrumental?!

Vita M.

Your classes made me do things I was uncomfortable with and I appreciate you for pushing me to do them. Cheers to the future and thank you for the past.

Khaled D.

Thanks for the great routine! My mom who you spoke with once loves it and was pleasantly surprised it helped strengthen her body instead of hurting it. Same goes for my sciatica. I think it helped get back my range of motion. Chiropractors FTW am I right?

Scott B.

Clarissa’s energy + charisma is contagious. You’ll leave her class drenched in sweat, feeling stronger and more capable than ever.

Rachel B.